To me she is beautiful.She has big brown eyes that look into your soul.She is sociable and friendly,but always comes back to lay near me.If I go work on the computer,she has her on little place where she sleeps.Alto I don’t disturb her when I am through ,a few minutes after I finish,I hear the pitty pat of her little feet coming to find me.If I go to the bathroom,she sits outside the door waiting for me.
When I leave she has this sad look as if I am leaving her forever.Silly as it is,I always tell her I will be back.She is so happy to see me when I come back,she runs up and down the ramp about three times.It makes her happy to find that one special spot of grass and roll in it.She makes me laugh as I watch her search for that one special place of grass and then roll on it
She hates getting a bath or her hair cut.She will run and hide if she sees the brush or scissors.
She is up in years,my beautiful Anibele.I don’t know her exact age,but I think it is about 18 years.She is a true and loyal friend and to me she is beautiful.

Good Morning

I know it has been a long time since I have been here.A lot going on,cant seem to get


That being said,Anabele is doing great.She is ageing as we all are.

I notice the really cute things she does.maybe I just notice more.

Either way we will be back.

Thank you for continuing to wait..

Cookbook for dogs is still a great buy.I continue with it although I am familiar with it.


Things you will be reading:

 You will be reading: things(I think) are adorable about Anabel.

Information about dogs you may not know.

Of course i could write pages and pages of things that I think are adorable about

her,because I am very are a few:

1.When she dances with me her little front feet(paws) go way above her little head.

2.When she dances she jumps higher than she is tall.

3.She loves to dance,and gets so excited.

4.Her little ears go up and down.She doesn’t have a care in the world.She is very

definitely enjoying the moment.

5.Her little ears go back as if to fly.

6.She stands under my legs when I am sitting down.All you can see of her is her little

nose on one side,her little stubby tail on the other,wiggling so fast ,you could compareAnnabelle 001

her tail to a helicopter whirling around.

7.She has such a sweet personality,although I have been told it was not always that way.

I was told when she was young,she was very tempermental

8.She loves me unconditionally.Even when i hurt her,she licks my arm,I cry.

9.She washes my feet.

10.She hates Friday,(her spa day).I usually try to trim her hair on this day.She

absolutely hates this.When she sees me with the scissors,clippers,brush,and I sit down

in the floor,she runs and hides.

11.Opposite of getting her hair cut,she loves her bath.I get her portable bath tub,A

storage container on rollers.I run warm water in it,put Dawn liquid dish washing

liquid into it.Dawn,the original,actually kills fleas.I just pick her up and sit her down into

.She lays down in the bubbly warm water.i think the warm water helps her little bones.

Remember in dog years one year in our life equals to seven in dog years That would

make her over 140 years old.

These are just a few things that make her special to me.I don’t think I could ever write

down every thing that makes her special to me.

This is going to sound corny,and i know it,but it is really the way i felt.When she came to

me,and we looked into each others eyes,it was as if she looked into my soul.we made a

very strong connection

I know i am to attached to my precious little lady,my husband tells me often.I realize she

is getting older and as with all of us she has an appointed time to die.She has lived longer

than most dogs The life span of a dog is from 10-12 years She has doubled that time

She is still quite frisky for her age.She loves to run and jump,and dance.

She sleeps alot.She is gradually losing some of her senses.Some of her hearing and some

of her sight

I don’t buy her food.I make it myself.She eats meat and vegetables,just as we do.

Information you may not know.

1.Regular blue Dawn kills fleas.

2.The average life span of a dog is from 10-12 years

3.One year in a dogs life equals seven in human years

If you would like to purchase the book that got me started cooking for her click link




Do animals grieve?

Animals grieve as humans do.Animals care for other animals and people as people

do.It resembles LOVE.>pets>animals-grief

They form attachments to each other,although they seem to barely have any thing

to do with one another.

Signs of grief in a pet.



3.eating habits


5.looking from room to room for other pet.


All of these symptoms applied to Anabele after Cricket The cat and Anabele’s friend

They really didn’t seen to have a lot to do with one another,but they were very

aware of each other’s presence.

The night Cricket passed is one I don’t think I will ever forget.All three of us

James,myself,and Anabele were with cricket,trying to comfort him in our own way.

When Anabel laid her frount paws across Cricket’s back paws,it was just about more

than I could bear.

Even in death ,life goes on for the rest of the family.

10 ways to help a grieving pet

1.Pets do best when they know what to expect..To help a grieving pet,continue to be

.consistent in their daily routine.

2.Try to distract your pet with fun toys and exercise.

3 keep their diet,grooming,walks,playtime on a regular schedule.

4don’t reward a pet’s depression

5.closely monitor them

6.don’t automatically add another pet.

7..don’t upset your pet with emotional displays.

8.allow your pet to see other pet in death.

9..use grief remedies

These are Anabel’s traits that make her precious to me

1.She dances with me throughout the house at meal time.

2.She jumps in the air higher than she is tall when we dance.When she thinks the

food I am preparing is here’s.She always thinks food belongs to her.

3.She nips at my pants leg when I ignore her.

4.She walks under my legs when I am doing my breathing treatment and just

stands there.All you see is her little stubby tail,going 100 miles an hour(.not really)

but as fast as she can wiggle it.

5.She stands under chairs that have rungs on them with her head on the rung

thinking she is stuck,not realizing all she has to do is back out from under chair.

6.She carries her blanket(her towel,or my purple throw that she also thinks is heres)

with her when she walks,as Lionus did on Snoopy.

7.When James beats on my back(when I am doing my breathing treatment) she sits

and looks at him with those big brown eyes as if to say”What are you doing to my


8.The way she tries to let us in when we come home,by clawing on door and

whining.Did you know when you leave a pet they think you are leaving them

forever.When they see you,even though they know you,it is like the first time they

have ever seen you.

9.The way her bed (blanket,towel,what ever she is laying on at time) has to be just

perfect.She gets on it and claws first one way and then another.She continues to do

this until she gets it exactly the way she wants it,then she gets in middle of it,

She resembles someone kneading dough.

10.She lays by my computer chair,or chair I am sitting in just a few feet from me.

This happened the other night when we came home.She didn’t come  to the door as

she usually does.When we opened the door ,we heard the strangest keen little bark.

Both James and I thought something was wrong with her because she doesn’t bark

like that.Both of us went racing in the living room to find her.There she sat by my

computer chair wiggling her little butt. Reason for strange bark ,we never found out.

These are a few things that make her special to me.There are so many  there is no

way I can name every reason why she is so precious to me

She isn’t a pet,she is part of our family.

If you have a special friend ,start cooking for them.Here is the place to start.




This is a memorial to Cricket.who passed away on November 30,2017.I am  not sure of

his exact age,but he was very close to 20 years of age.

He was born in Memphis about 20 years ago.He ended up in our daughter’s apartment.,

he was found as a very young kitten.She never knew where he came from,but she as me

loved any and all animals.

Because he made chirping noises as a cricket when he meowed.As he aged he bellowed

instead of chirped especially when he thought you should feed him.

We called him our reincarnated Elvis


From the time he came into our home,he belong to James.He tolerated everyone else  if

he even    had any thing to do with them.James was is person.  He was constantly after

him where  ever he went.

He was a very gentle natured cat.At that time we had an older cat that belonged to me.

His  name was Morty.Cricket was a gentle young cat that never fought Morty.If Morty

came  to cricket’s bowl,Cricket just walked way.

When our daughter moved out James said to her”You can’t take my Cricket””I am not

going to take  Cricket,he belongs to you   ” was my daughters reply.

As time went my Morty died  and cricket was the only pet in the house.

About 10 years ago,Anabel came to live with us.They were basically pretty close to the

same age.They got along really well.Cricket had james,Anabel had me.They were jealous of

one another ,but as long as neither invaded the others space things went well. They had

a  few anticlimactic moments   They were both greedy over food and their person.

Cricket had no front claws When he got mad at Anabel,he would smack her little

face,and the chase was on.Anabele would chase Cricket through the house.They would

both stop and go their separate ways.They had a few “Mexican stand off”where they

stood eye ball to eye ball to see who would walk off first.I would scold both of them.

They did get along.They even slept together.

Time passes,sometimes to fast.The life span of a dog or cat is between 10-12 years.

Each year of a dog or cat equals to seven years in human life.That made Cricket and

Anabel approximately 140 years old.

Approximately 7 months ago I started cooking Anabel”s food.She was doing so well on it

I decided to make “Homemade Food ” for Cricket also.He loved it as much as Anabele did.

this is when his bellowing began.

Cricket tolerated me,but he was definitely James cat.He slept at his feet or on my pillow.

One day Cricket was sleeping on my pillow.He got up walked over to James and meowed

very softly,three times and went back and lay down.

In the chair James sits in Cricket perched on the arm or slept right by the arm In the

chair he reaches his long black paw out to touch James leg.

James ask why he did that?I told him he did it because he loved him.We had a discussion

to whether Cricket knew what love was or not.

Cricket was a peculiar being.His favorite food was chicken and liver and sometimes fish.

He was not a selfish cat.The outside cat came in to steal his food,Cricket would just walk

away and let him have it.He was a gentle natured cat.He would catch a mouse,but he

would not kill it.

As we age our bodies begin to deteriorate.the same is true with animals.

Cricket began to gradually lose weight.I started to feed him more than twice a day.iIcooked him the food he liked to no avail.

He continued to lose weight and lost his agility.It was very hard to watch a healthy

vibrate.being go down to almost nothing.

Probably the humane thing to have done would have been to put him down.Neither

James nor I could do that.

So as by the God that created all things,according to his word”there is an appointed time

to die

Cricket”s appointed time to die came on November 30.2017.He had been in front of the

stove.He got up and went to the chair with James.James asked if I had put him there.I had not.

.He lay in James lap for a while,then stretched out in front of him we knew his time

for leaving this world was soon.

I don’t know if Anabele really knew what was going on or not,but she knew something

was.She constantly paced the floor.She could not be still.When she was still,she just stood

and looked at Cricket James,Anabel,and I constantly stayed with him.Both James and I

talked to him.Both of us rubbed and talked to him.James rubbed his head,his back,his

paw,his long black tail.I was very emotionally anyway watching James rub him,but when

Anabel lay down with her body across Cricket’s tail,I had to leave the room to regain my


In Cricket’s passing,he did not suffer.He was with the people he loved and loved him.

People will say”that is crazy”he was just a pet”he was more than a pet.He was

companionship to  James and Anabele.He   brought into my life just watching him.

Some times people and pets are put in our life for a short time,in cricket’s case a long

time..longer than most of his kind.

He was a good boy.he had a good long life.We did every thing we could do for him,but

most of all we loved him.and he loved us.

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She gets up in the morning dancing.She dances around in kitchen as I fix food.(SHe

Annabelle 001thinks all food is hers)

She nips at my pants leg when I ignore her.She jumps up on the stool and picks a paper

plate up in her mouth.She speeds through house like a wild Indian.She acts 10 instead of




SHE is feeling good.She has much more energy and is feeling better.

I owe the change in her to the change in food that I feed her.I now feed her home made

food,Thanks to COOKBOOK FOR DOGS.I started out by first buying Cook Book  for

DOGS.This book is really amazing.Not only does she give you a list of food to absolutely

not feed your dog,she gives you a whole variety of recipes to fix for your dog.

I have pretty much started making my own food for her.The basis are meat and

vegetables,except onions.Meat needs to be cooked,raw meat can contain bacteria that

makes them sick.Use vegetables as carrots,peas,potatoes,pumpkin,spinach

Use fruit as blueberries,apples.

Starches as oatmeal,rice,noodles,potatoes.

Chicken or beef bouillon or gravy.

Get my gist.

basically whatever you are fixing for yourself you can adapt for your dog.


2 lb chicken or beef (remember cooked)

1 cup cooked oatmeal

shredded carrots

1 cup peas

1 cup pumpkin

Mix all ingredients together and put in a dish for 1 hour.

All of the recipes freeze well,so you can make ahead.


She walks with me when I walk,one of the five times.

We had started to walk.She usually walks with me.This day for some reason she was

walking behind me.I turned around to see where she was.She was about half way and

had turned around and started back toward the house.I finished my round and had

started back.She started back to meet me.She walked through a mud hole that was up to

her ankles.

Later that same day she fell off our ramp.There she sat looking through the weed

eater.She just sat there looking so pitiful,I went over and picked her up.

Poor baby,tomorrow will be better.

Don’t be sad and pitiful as Anabel was on her bad day,get Cookbook For Dogs

and make yourself and your pet very,very happy.Click link below to get your copy.





Anabelle is doing wonderful and I owe all of it to COOK FOR DOGS.The author opened

my eves about cooking for dogs.The difference has mad a humongous difference in


She gets up in the morning dancing.I wish I had a video for you to see with her dancing.

She dances with no one but me.We just boogie through the hall each morning and night.

She also knows where I stand to make her food.I stand in the corner of my cabinet and

stove.She scoss every thing down that hits the floor.She stands directly in front of my

feet,leaving me know room to move without stepping on her.I have kicked her in the

head,not meaning to.I have stepped on her,not meaning too,but still she stands there.

She loves the blueberries.

I originally went by receipts in book to give me an idea of how to make them.I started out

making ahead,which is really better,but since then I have become lazy.and fix her food

according to what we are eating.I just use meat,vegetables and broth,throw in a few


You can make your own dog food for your pets.Grab your copy of this book by  clicking

link.Cookbook for Dogs

It is a lot cheaper and much more healthier than commercial dog food.

Anabelle is much more healthier and has tons more energy.I honestly think she is


She is losing her hearing.She is completely deap,but has lost a lot of it.She still knows

when our car drives.She claws at door and barks.



You have heard a lot about Anabelle,but you haven’t heard about Cricket.

He,as Anabelle is over twelve years old.Exactly as Anabelle,how much over 20 is not

exactly known

He originally came from Memphis.We call him “our reincarnated Elvis”

Cats,unlike,dogs eat mostly meat.It is unsafe to feed either dogs or cats raw meat.

Raw meat can have bacteria that can make them sick.

I have been cooking meat for the both of them.I am constantly cooking chicken.I try

to cook ahead a few days.Cricket would eat chicken every meal if I would feed it to him.

I do cook other meat,so they don’t eat the same thing every meal.

Cricket and Anabelle,both have gotten “SO UPPITY’ they snub their nose at dog and cat

food.I guess I have spoiled them,but they are my children.

Do yourself and your pet a great big favor,and get a copy of “COOKBOOK FOR DOGS

It is absolutely well worth what you pay for it.Just seeing them healthier and  having

more energy is worth far more than the price of the book.COOKBOOK FOR DOGS




Things you should not feed your dog and why.

Listed below are thing you should not feed your dog and why.If you would like a total list of items and a free recipe to make your own dog food,please leave your name and email,and I will see that you get one.

Bones;This was a large surprise

,because I had always heard you feed your dog bones.

Here is why you should not feed your dog bones:

Feeding a dog any kind of bone,either cooked or raw is not good because the bone can splinter,and the cause an obstruction in digestive center The sharp shards can cause a lacerations in intestines,or bowels.

Alcohol:Can cause altered breathing,diarrhea,vomiting,abnormal blood acidity,coma,may even cause death.

Avocado;can cause diarrhea and vomiting because of “persin”.

Corn on Cob ;can cause painful intestinal blockage that has to be removed surgically.If not removed,may cause death.

Chocolate; Can be toxic to dogs nervous system leading to seizures,convulsions,and heart attack

Coffee; contains caffeine,which can damage dogs nervous system,increase heart rate,could result in heart attack.

Citrus; can cause vomiting.

Fat trimmings; Can cause pancreatitis,a very painful inflammation of pancreas that could lead to death.

Xylilol; often found in sugar free gum.It is very toxic and can cause liver damage,seizures,brain trauma, or death.

Fish; too much raw,canned,or cooked fish can cause a thiamine deficiency.Thiamine is a vitamin,and can cause a loss of appetite.

Garlic; can cause damage to red blood cells leading to anemia.

Hops; can cause increase in heart rate,high temperature,fever and seizures.

Macadamia Nuts; affects nervous system,and digestive system.Can cause muscle spasms  and lack of coordination or collapse

Milk;can cause diarrhea.

Mushrooms; contains toxins that affect nervous system,and digestive system.May cause dog to go into in shock.

Raw Eggs ;Thinking feeding raw eggs to dogs would make their coats shiny,not true.They have an emagazine,know as avidin,that decreases dog ability to absorb vitamin B Rae eggs also contain salmonella

Raw Meat;.can contain bacteria that causing diarrhea or vomiting.

Rhubarb Leaves;toxic to dogs causing damage to digestive system and kidneys.





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Can you afford not yo make your own dog food?

The answer to this question is a resounding “NO”

Not if you want to know what your dog is eating.The only way you can know for sure what is in your dog food is to make it yourself.

I offer you an easy way to do this.Get”Cookbook For Dogs”

It is a wonderful book.It has a large variety of recipes to make for your dog.They are nutritious,healthy,easy to make and most of all your dog will like it.

I am speaking from experience,as I watched my “Anabele” woof down the meals I make for her.She is 20+,not exactly how much over 20 she is.She absolutely loves the new meals I make for her.

I usually make three batches a week,so she has a variety and doesn’t have to eat the same thing every meal.I fix her:



The book recommends a fish meal every other day for breakfast.That is actually the only meal Anabele did not like.The one she recommended for breakfast,I just switched ingredients as,sardines,oatmeal and vegetables,beef broth and she loved it.

She has much more energy,then she had before.She runs up our ramp more,she dances more,there is more sparkle in her big brown eyes.She just simply feels better.


One night last we I had not left any out of freezer,so I gave her a pouch,I used to feed her.As i gave it to her all I could think of was”what is in that food I am feeding her”.She was’t as happy with that meal as she is with the ones I make,and neither was I.

Do yourself and your dog a favor by getting “Cookbook For Dogs”Both you and your dog will be glad you did.



This is a small rhyme-Its sad and really ugly!

Mary had a little lamb

When she saw it sickened.She shipped it off tp Packington.

And now its labeled chicken,


They are packaged and sent here to be relabeled as chicken,and made into dog and cat food.Lots of these are very harmful to your pet health and can even kill them.

Because of all the controversy and recalls reguarding commercial dog food,people have begun to make their own dog and cat food so they know exactly what is in it.

Making your own dog food is not hard.If you can cook you can make your own dog food.A great alternative ,not to mention feeding your dog whole,real food.

.Many Options

There are many options to feeding your dog.Each owner must make best choice for their  own pet.


Truth about pet food industry will never tell you the truth.

90%of commercial dog food contain chemicals and preservatives that indirectly make your dog sick.

The additives and preservatives in commercial dog food will slowly harm your dog’s health.

Your precious pet is suffering and can not tell you the pain they are in.

Take control of what you feed your dog.

Start feeding them healthy  dog food with natural and healthy ingredients.That is not only good for them,but also much cheaper.

Who doesn’t want cheaper?on anything?Introducing “Cookbook for Dogs”

You will never need to buy another can of dog food.You will be able to create healthy ,nutritious meals with minimal time and cost.What will “Cookbook for Dogs do for your dog?

1.You will be able to boost nutritional content at every meal.

2.You will be able to increase lifespan of your dog and watch them grow strong and healthy.

3.You have complete control over what goes in your dogs mouth.

4.You can create specific meals for all types of dogs.

5.You will be able to save a ton of money.

6.You can come up with meals every day without worry.

7. You can get your dog to eat his food withoutforce or hassle.

8.You will save yourself worry and money.

100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.No questions ask,no hassle

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Testimonials:1.Thank you for providing us with safe,nutritious .and delicious meals.

John and Groff-Milton Florida

2.Best of all,she enjoyed it.     Nancy M.  California

3.Receipts were very easy to make.   EdgarThis to all dog lovers.  A.  California.

4I enthusiastically recommend this for all dog lovers. Kelly C—California

5. Must have for dog lovers—-Stephen C    Arizona

6.If you have a dog you love,I highly recommend this book.   Carolyn T  Tennessee

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OPS- Sorry.I ask a fun question after my blog on dos.My question was What do you think is the most popular  name people choose for their dog?IT is MAX!

I apoligige for being so long getting back with answer.